if you can’t hold them in your arms, please hold them in your heart

– Clara McBride Hale

A Place Called Home

There are an estimated over 6,000 children in institutional care in the Caribbean excluding Haiti where the estimate may be as high as 50,000.  Reports within the Caribbean region taken from Trinidad and Tobago[1], Guyana[2] and Jamaica[3] show that institutional care is still being utilized in many cases as the first resort, that children are staying well beyond their ‘temporary’ time and that standards within institutional care are generally absent or not in compliance with the CRC.  This has led to inconsistent care being provided to children as well as incidences of abuse.  In Trinidad, the majority of children have been in residential care for over two years and many  have stayed over six years.

How We Help:

Children of the Caribbean Foundation strives to make a difference in the lives of children living in ‘children’s homes’ across the Caribbean, through providing the following:

  • Physical upgrades to the institution (e.g. renovations, repairs)
  • Providing furnishings (dining furnishings, stoves, beds, linens etc.)
  • Providing clothing for children
  • Providing Food
  • Providing Christmas Parties and Toys

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[2] Magda Wills, F. UNICEF. (2006) Assessment of procedural and physical standards in children’s residential care institutions in Guyana, UNICEF: Guyana
[3] Government of Jamaica. (2003) Review of children’s homes: Jamaica and Jamaicans for justice. (2006) Report on the situation of children in the care of the Jamaican state: Jamaica

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