Our Goal: to ensure that every child has access to education and is equipped with the tools that he/she needs to succeed in school.

Our Strategy: we support the development of fair and reliable education systems while ensuring that the children who participate in these systems are provided with the tools to thrive. We have three programs that work in concert toward this goal.

  1. Our Stepping Stones Pre-School Program aims to increase the number of children who have access to early childhood education (ages 2.5 – 6 years) through the construction of pre-schools in underserved communities across the Caribbean.
  2. Our College-Ready Education program aims to ensure that all Caribbean students are able to take the college qualifying examinations – CXC (Caribbean Examinations Council) through the funding of these examinations for students who are financially unable to meet the cost of  these examinations and
  3. Our Post Secondary Programs provide financial assistance to Caribbean children to attend university in the United States or one of its territories (the COTC Scholarship).


  • COTC Scholarship Application
  • CXC Examinations Assistance
  • Special Needs Early Childhood Education
  • Back to School Supplies
  • Primary School Uniforms


Students need school supplies to enrich and also to get the right learning experience. Without the materials needed for school, a student is unable to get the work done, become disconnected from classes, and may eventually drop out. Students who cannot provide for themselves basic supplies such as crayons, paper, and notebooks are least likely to succeed without intervention. Our Back-to-School Program, strives to ensure that every child has the resources/materials that he needs to do well in the classroom.


Education is a fundamental right. Despite great progress in the last 15 years, millions of children are still denied their right to education. This is because there are many barriers and obstacles that are hindering children's access to and completion of education. Providing the CXC Examination Fees for students who are unable to afford the payments ensures that these students have the chance to take the examinations so that they may further their education beyond the Secondary School level.


Special needs students benefit from being in a regular classroom. Research has proven that the language skills of preschoolers with disabilities improve when they are taught alongside their mainstream peers. “Students with disabilities are the ones who are affected most by the language skills of the other children in their class,” said Laura Justice, co-author of the study and professor of teaching and learning at Ohio State University.

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