How We Work



Children of the Caribbean Foundation identifies worthy projects that support our mission.  We raise money and find the right people to support each project. We manage each project to a successful conclusion and in collaboration with our partners, we provide comprehensive feedback to our donors.

Project Selection

The following are established criteria of Children of the Caribbean Foundation:

  • Projects in three core categories are funded:
    • Education
    • Health Care
    • Social Development
  • Funding needs are identified by in-depth consultation and by agreement with the agencies, institutions or organizations, and/or families directly involved with the children who are being benefitted.
  • Children of the Caribbean Foundation only funds projects that are sustainable by local governments, the Foundation or the actual agencies, institutions or organizations, and/or families on an on-going basis.
  • Children of the Caribbean Foundation does not consider unsolicited project or grant proposals.  
  • All projects must be managed on the ground, by organizations that demonstrate:
    • High quality management
    • Sound progress and effectiveness monitoring
    • Accountability and the ability to provide comprehensive feedback
    • A track record of high quality donor relationship management
    • In every case, there must be an agree ratio for the application of our funds in terms of M&OS and project costs, tailored to the nature of the project
    • A measurable, favorable impact in the community

Our Model for Implementing Projects


Our approach is based on our practical experience, and the good practices and learning from many other organizations.  Assessment is conducted to determine the exact need and root/cause analysis; whether it fits our mission, and whether to proceed with design.  The Design process includes more in-depth analysis along collaboration with entities and organizations within the local communities.  Partnering does not mean that Children of the Caribbean Foundation is only a funder of other groups, or that we only work through other partners.  Our Program Committees decide on the appropriate approaches to partnering and we partner with others based on their roles and capacities with the goal of empowering local partners and fostering sustainability of projects and programs.  Implementation and Monitoring are conducted after the Design phase.  Monitoring takes place every six months to share about the program’s progress and any changes made.  Transition is the last phase of the project where the Foundation takes ends its involvement in a manner that allows the communities and stakeholders to sustain the benefits of the program in the lives of children and their families.


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